150 XRS

If you're looking for a go-kart that can do just about anything then you should check out the TrailMaster 150 XRS. This model is certainly a great way to enjoy some leisure time, but with a weight limit of 500 pounds and a built on hitch and storage basket, you'll be able to do so much more with this vehicle.

The 150 XRS is made with speed in mind and can take you up to 43 Mph, which is much faster than many other models. This speed increase is largely due to the fantastic single cylinder engine and CVT clutch that allows for ten horse power. Of course, the optimized frame of this model also allows for a reduced turning radius so you can have a little extra fun while working or creaming your friends in a race.

The design of the 150 XRS features cozy bucket seats that will adjust to help the driver maintain a comfortable driving position. Each seat contains a seat belt, which is only one of the amazing safety features this model has. The 150 XRS also boasts durable headlights, tail lights and hydraulic brakes ( front and rear) that will ensure the driver has complete control day or night. Your model will also include a 2.25 gallon fuel tank, electric starting system and dual wheel drive that will ensure your go-kart time won't just be a whole lot of fun, but will improve your skills while you spend hours out in the fields.

Engine Information

EPA certificated
Engine type:
4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled


Max HP:


Max torque:

7 lb ft/6000rpm

Bore x stroke:

2.26 x 2.28 inches

Max speed:


Climbing ability:

12 degrees



Starting system:



12V 10Ah

Carburetor brand:

Deli (Vacuum film)

Engine oil:

SAE 15W-40
General Information


Automatic CTV with reverse

Driveline / Driving wheel:

Chain / Dual wheel drive

Suspension, F / R:

Double A-arm / swing-arm

Brakes, F / R:

Both hydraulic brakes, Disc

Tires, F / R:

20x7-8 / 22x10-10

Fuel capacity:

2.25 gal

Weight, G.W. / N.W.:

573 / 485 lbs

Max load:

500 lbs

Dimension Information


59 inches

OA L x W x H:

85x53.1x57.5 inches

Height to seat:

13.8 inches

Min ground clearance:

6.7 inches
Frame Colors


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