• 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
Parents look out! This TrailMaster Mini XRS might be just the match for your kids rough and tumble go-karting excursions. This go-kart is designed to fit some of the youngest of riders which will really pump kids up when you take family trips to your favorite trails.

The Mini XRS is designed specifically with the inexperienced go-karter in mind. Thus, kids will have an incredibly easy time learning how to navigate their new toy. In fact, with the no maintenance pull start engine your child could be whipping around the turns in no time at all. The go-kart is equally easy to turn off, which makes it perfect for any time your child feels uncertain about the trail or their safety.

Apart from the easy to use design, you'll be pleased to know there's very little to maintain on the go-kart, which means less work for mom and dad. You'll also love the serious safety features like the seat belt design, fully enclosed bottom, side rails and padded upper brush guard that will keep your child safe from debris and other mishaps. Of course, the easy going 12 MPHs and trustworthy disc brakes make it a worry free ride for kids and parents alike.
Engine Information
Engine type:
4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
Max HP:
Max torque:
8 lb ft/3600rpm
Bore x stroke:
2.6 x 1.8 inches
Max speed:
Climbing ability:
12 degrees
Starting system:
Manual Pull Start
Carburetor brand:
Engine oil:
SAE 15W-40
General Information
Driveline / Driving wheel:
Chain / Dual wheel drive
Suspension, F / R:
Dual A-arm / Double Oil Damped Shock
Brakes, F / R:
No / Disc
Tires, F / R:
4.10-6 / 13 x 5-6
Fuel capacity:
1.2 gal
Weight, G.W. / N.W.:
209 / 176 lbs
Max load:
400 lbs
Frame Color
Dimension Information
41.7 inches
OA L x W x H:
58.5x36x43 inches
Height to seat:
7.5 inches
Min ground clearance:
3.5 inches 
Pedal to seat back: standard: 29'', can be adjusted to 26'' or 23''
 Configurations And Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. ''BV POWERSPORTS, LLC''
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